Welcome to my blog and portfolio. I'm a full time web developer based in London. I started out as a web dev hobbyist and am now a full time web developer. On this site I plan to write about problems, solutions and ideas I have encountered in projects along the way. I'm completely new to blogging, but hopefully my writing is bearable. If some and somebody somewhere can learn something.

As someone who started out messing around with html as a hobby and now earns a living from the web, I think it is apt that I use my first blog post to give something back to some of the websites that have helped me out along the way.

Full disclosure: I am in no way connected with any the sites listed below.


About.com is where I took my very first steps into the world of html and CSS. They have some great free courses that are ideal for beginners. Chekc them out here.

Six Revisions

As I became more and more hungry for programming and design information, Six Revisions became my go to place for articles, ideas, fonts icons and inspiration.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is an absolute must for anyone involved in the web. If you dabble in design or are a front end guru, this is the place for high quality, definitive guides articles and information.


This is an absolute gem if you want to learn about design and/or coding. They have lots of awesome free tutorials and guides. They also have some highly quality courses on all sorts of topics available at very reasonable prices. Tuts plus have a number of different subdomains for different topics.


If you have probelm you don't know how to solve in code or there's a nasty bug that you just can't squash, stackoverflow is the place to go. If you''re writing any kind of code, at some point you will need to signup to this site and ask for help.

Digital Ocean

Digital ocean are a hosting company and if you don't host with them, they're library of guides and tutorial is extremely useful. You'll get your server up and running in no time with their simple guides. 

The list could go on and on.





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